To discover new products or reignite your love for old favourites, Tilly Glitter welcomes all beauty addicts to read the makeup rambles, raves, and occasional baking posts she has to offer. This blog is wrote by Holly, a 20 year old Cumbrian girl with a little too much time on her hands, which she uses to write about the things she loves most, whilst inviting you to join in and offer your thoughts and opinions.

Taylor Swift, Cats, Dogs, Dorritos, Makeup, Mac, Xbox, Fake tan, Going out, Gin, Rose, Heels, Blue things, White nail polish, Jack Penate, Laura Ashley, Denim jackets, Rings, Sending people letters, Making people happy, Confident people, Talking, People with lots of things to say, Australia, My freinds in Australia, Mexico.

Brocolli, Hospitals, Dentists, Spiders, My Blackberry, Taking off Makeup, Cruelty to animals, Pink things, Snobby people, Obnoxious people, Rude people, Seeing people unhappy, seeing people upset, Homeless pets.

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