Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Angry birds cake

Ive been baking an Angry Birds themed cake today and i thought i would share with you the toppers i made for it, ive spent all afternoon doing these! Unfortunately the cake isnt finished yet, so for now its just the models. Its my little bit of baking on the side i promised! :)

I always end up leaving a trail of mess behind me in the kitchen! There are pots of food dye everywhere! Does anybody know any blogs from other bakers?! I would love to see them!

Love, Hol xxx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

NYX purchases!! (Jumbo eyeshadow pencils, Lipsticks, Lipglosses!!)

After buying a few jumbo shadow pencils from a website selling NYX products very cheaply, i couldnt resist going back on it to get some more, i cant stress how much i would love for the UK to stock NYX in like, Boots or Superdrug or something, i seriously love it. Anyway heres what i bought second time round!

L-R: Electric blue, Baby blue, Pacific, Purple velvet, Strawberry milk

 L-R: Strawberry milk, Baby blue, Electric blue, Pacific, Purple velvet

To read my first blog post about these eyeshadow pencils and what i think about them, click here.

Next the NYX round lipsticks!

Pumpkin pie and Medusa Lip sticks!

Pumpkin pie

Medusa...My camera hated taking this! :(

Finally, the lipglosses which i adore!

L-R: Very clear, Whipped, Sorbet, Mauve, Real nude, Pink, Sparkle

L-R: Pink, Sparkle, Real nude, Whipped, Mauve, Sorbet, Very clear

I really really love NYX! I seriously want it all! Can anybody reccomend me any products from this line that they love too?! I would love to try out some more and share with you all! :)

Love, Hol xxx

Sunday, 16 October 2011


I think i made a twitter to commicate more easily with other bloggers one or two days after i began posting on this blog. I had just began tweeting and was regularly checking my twitter every now and again and sending out the occasional tweet or link to my blog, came back an hour or so later again to find out my account had been SUSPENDED. Suspended! I have another account that i use as a personal twitter to follow my real life freinds and celebritys, i dont use it a whole lot but i have never had a problem with it before! Apparently you can appeal if you have had your account suspended but i had read on the internet somewhere that most suspended accounts dont get reactivated. I filed a "ticket" on twitter to get this checked over and its status has apparently been "in progress" for a good 5 or 6 days now. I never even got an email to tell me why my account was suspended, just some annoying automated one that replied to the ticket i had filed. The thing that annoys me the most about this all is that twitter is a massive worldwide thing now and you think that they would have people on hand at all hours of the day to sort this kind of thing out! I understand that there is some people who will be abusing twitter but its such a nuisance having to wait for them to get off their backsides and reply to the 3 tickets ive filed now! Today i gave up hope and made a new twitter, annoyingly ive had to make an alteration to my name because obviously you cant use the same name as somebody else!

Can anybody please give me any insight in to anything they might know about suspended accounts on twitter or if they have had any experience with them?! Ive tried to close my old account so i can have my name back, but because its suspended i cant, and what if they dont give me it back! I can just never have my username back?! GRR. I am still so mad haha.

What im really writing about at the end of all this is to ask all you lovely people to take two minutes out and follow me here. It would mean the world to me and i apologize if you followed my last account, and if this one goes down the pan too i can safely say i wont be using twitter again!

Rant over!
Love, Hol xxx

Saturday, 15 October 2011

ELF afterdark sale purchases!

I saw this 40% off sale advertised on facebook and knowing how cheap elf is anyway i just had to go wild and buy a few things! Just a little post to show you what i bought and what i think, did anybody else buy anything from this sale?! They do sales quite regularly at elf, so you should all go and try out their products if you havnt already!

I couldnt keep hands out of the bronzer :(

Warm bronzer

Blush and bronzer compact

Fushia Fusion

Tickled Pink

Berry Merry

Top - Bottom: bronzer from duo, blush from duo, warm bronzer, Berry merry, Tickled pink, Fushia fusion

All in all these blushes are very good, but! The only blush i did notice as being a bit crappy was tickled pink, it is a really nice pretty peachy pink, but i really had to rub my finger in it quite a bit to get some colour pay off on my arm, if youre in to your blushes being barely noticable or a bit more muted then i suppose this would be ok for you! As i said, the rest of them are good for their money, the colour is decent, and personally i think the warm bronzer is beautiful! I will definetely be getting some use out of these. I have only become more of a blush person recently, and if youre shopping on a budget then these are perfect to fill some gaps in your collection!

Top - bottom: Lipstain in Bombshell, Eyelid primer, Tone correcting concealer in Ivory

Top - Bottom: Primer, Lip stain, Concealer

I am yet to try out the primer and concealer, unfortunately the colour of the lip stain wasnt really how it looked on the internet so i probably wont be using it, the dangers of using online eh! Well ill give it a go, but i dont really think its my colour, not really in to browns/golds on my lips you see!

Last but not least got a few brushes to try out!

Did anybody else take advantage of the elf sale?!
Love, Hol xxx

Friday, 14 October 2011


Okay i know this is the second lip product post today, but mammy dearest just came home from town with these for me and im just too excited to keep them to myself! I know theres been a ton of blog posts about them but i thought i contribute my pictures and thoughts to the blogging world :)

The colours i got were "159 Port" (on the top) and "156 Peachy Keen"

So the first thing i did when i got them was squeeze a tiny little blob of each on to the back of my hand, i know a little goes a LONG way with these but i wanted there to be enough to get a good picture. From the swatches i had seen on the internet of peachy keen, i was in two minds about wether it would be a wearable shade, or wether it was one that you were supposed to mix. It did look very orangey on the back of my hand but ill let you be the judge of that! Port is beautiful! Just a gorgeous, deep plummy red, totally wearable alone, and i can already see tons of beautiful shades being created from it with other colours!
 They have a very distinct smell about them, i cant quite put my finger on what it is! I think its quite pleasant though, the only word i can think to use to describe it is sweet! so no problem there!

Port is my favourite! So gorgeous!

Now one thing i did notice was when i took off the lid, the part where the product comes out of isnt shaped like your traditional lipgloss, which at once indicates that this is a product not intended to be used straight out of the tube! I cant stress enough how much you will need a lipbrush for these, its definetely not a lipgloss you grab and go to have a drunk night uptown with. Well i mean, since theyre calling it paint, its a dead giveaway that its gonna be a whole lot thicker and brighter than your usual slick of gloss across your lips.

 Application straight from the tube = Hot mess!

Will anybody else be trying these out?! Im loving sleek so far!!
Love, Hol xxx

Things i ♥ : Dior Addict ultra gloss

Im going to start a series of posts where every now and again ill do a post on my favourite products or things i really enjoy using/use frequently. To start it off ive picked my favourite Lipglosses which are by Dior, "Dior Addict ultra gloss" I have a baby pink colour (Cashmere Pink) and a bright red (Little Red Dress) It doesnt take a lot of product to show up on your lips, the red is amazing. Usually i find that Glosses arent true to their colour, they either just go on clear or a very sheer version of what they look in the tube. I absoloutly adore Little Red Dress, it even looks lovely if you put a little bit of it over some red lipstick. Cashmere pink is more of a sheer colour, a lovely everyday gloss with a little bit of glamour added due to the immense sparkle that it has, and me loving all things sparkly/shiny/glittery, its a total win, i even think the packaging is beautiful! Ill definetely replace these glosses when theyre finished, and will probably ask for some more colours for christmas or just pick them up myself, Im a little confused about the whole "pearl" and "flash" labelling, i mean its probably to do with the finishes of the gloss but i cant see any difference between the glosses apart from the red being alot more opaque but meh, still love them :D

Top: #267 Cashmere Pink (Pearl)
Bottom: #856 Little Red Dress (Flash)

SO gorgeous when it catches the light!

If youre a lipgloss girl and your looking for a new go to lipgloss, try out these!

Love, Hol xxx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Vanity/Desk/Where i do my makeup!

This is another one of those nosey sort of posts i really love to read on other peoples blogs! Its not really a makeup storage video really, just a bit of an overview of where i actually do my makeup, ive seen a few of these now, it always interests me to see what kind of set up people have! I had my bedroom done out about a year ago now and my mam was so good to me and bought me lots of lovely furniture from Laura Ashley, and i was sure to pick out a pretty vanity!

Overall view, its pretty cluttered i cant keep things clean!

I hope this has been helpful to anybody who is going to be moving their makeup on to a proper desk, or even if youve noticed anything that you would like to try out! If you want to know where i got anything from, just leave me a comment and ill get back to you!

Love, Hol xxx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette ♥

I suppose you could say this palette is still relatively new and people havnt really got round to getting it yet, so for all you makeup lovers that are are either on the fence about this palette or are just unsure, i thought i would provide some hopefully helpful swatches of the shades, a few pictures, and my opinion on it!

This was so bloody difficult to photograph! Annoying reflections!
I think with the packaging theyve tried to make it a little different from their usual palettes, its definetely stands out and looks a bit more flash and expensive looking than the other palettes, but i have to say for storage and practicality its a huge no no for me!! The lid literally attracts marks and finger prints from the mirrored material that its made of, and its rather heavy and chunky. Also for someone who likes to store their palettes in dvd racks/paper dividers, its a pain because it doesnt fit in them with my other palettes! I dont really trust if i was going away anywhere, for the lid to somehow slide off and the shadows end up being ruined from bouncing around my bag, but maybe thats just me being paranoid about wrecking such beautiful eyeshadows!

As you can probably tell, this was a nightmare to picture..

Incase you cant read the names ill do them top to bottom and work my way through the three columns.
1st column: Midnight rodeo, Midnight 15, Vanilla, Flow, Chase
2nd column: Tainted, Junkshow, Omen, Evidence, Deep end
3rd column: Deeper, M.I.A, Ace, Blackout, Half truth

Now i really think this is a gorgeous palette, there are shadows for a range of things, for a toned down, neutral everyday look, and slightly more daring eyeshadows for a wild night out! I have to say i think Deep end is my favourite, its just pure bluey greeny shimmery goodness!! All of the eyeshadows are shimmer, except for Blackout, or im almost sure its supposed to be matte, i think mine has ended up with 1 or 2 flecks of glitter in from me messing around with the other eyeshadows.

L-R: Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, Vanilla, Flow, Chase

L-R: Tainted, Junkshow, Omen, Evidence, Deep end

L-R: Depper, M.I.A, Ace, Blackout, Half truth

As expected from Urban Decay shadows, the colour pay off is excellent, they go on like a dream, blend like a dream, and obviously look amazing once on ;) Apart from the annoying chunky palette, i can only say good things about it! It retails at £39 from debenhams, which i think is awesome for such a beutiful palette considering the prices of individual eyeshadows.

Will you be purchasing this palette?

Love, Hol xxx

Molten Brown warming eucalyptus & ginger body scrub

"Enliven the whole body with this stimulating blend of pure Eucalyptus oil, root ginger and exfoliating sea salts. This powerful pick-me-up boosts the circulation, eases winter chills, gives a tingly clean feeling and reveals a clearer, brighter skin tone."

Until recently, i had never been big in to body scrubs or bothered much with bath stuff, unlike my dear old mother who seems to stash an absoloute trolley full of them in her wardrobe. However, this scrub had been sitting on the window in the bathroom along with a few other Molten Brown things of my mams for a little while now, curiosity got the better of me and i decided to have a smell, and let me tell you! If you feel like you're all groggy and sleepy on a morning have one whiff off this and you'll be good to go. If you can get past the whole, anitsepticy cleaning product smell (im making it sound like it smells awful) then its really quite refreshing!

The next time i had a bath i decided to give it a go, i found that you have to give it quite a stir if it hasnt been used for a day or two because it seems to settle so that salt drops and liquid just sits on top. It really felt like i was doing my skin some good using it! You can really feel the salt exfoliating your skin, some of the peices of salt are quite chunky, i can understand how the smell would be a little overpowering for some people but it didnt bother me too much.

After rinsing it off and drying off, my skin felt instantly smoother, and the smell stays on your skin for a little while afterwards, its not as strong as it was smelling it straight out of the tub, just a really nice, clean, refreshing smell. Eucalyptus apparently has antiseptic and anti-viral qualities too, so its not just another nice smelling bath product, but also healing i suppose you would say! Im not so sure i would rush out to drop a huge £30 on a body scrub, but i wouldnt mind it as a gift as its an overall winner for me!

Love, Hol xxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kim Kardashians perfume..Love it or hate it??

A few weeks ago i was at the metro center with my mam and stepdad in debenhams when i came across a Kim K perfume stand. Being a huge Keeping up with the Kardashians fan and a massive lover of Kim (she is so gorgeous!) naturally, i was dying to try it out. For some reason i never expect celebrity perfumes to be too amazing because i think theyre made mainly for profit rather than for making an actual nice perfume! Having said that Hilary Duffs perfume was actually my favourite perfume ever, it was usually only £15 a bottle in superdrug and everyone used to ask me what i was wearing because it smelled so good, for some reason it never seems to smell as nice anymore, they might have changed the formula slightly or something.

Yay for reflections and chipped nail varnish...

Kims states her perfume contains: Mandarin, Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Pink Jasmine, Tuberose, Gardenia, Tonka Bean, Jacaranda Wood, Vanilla Orchid, and Sandalwood.

I wasnt particularly taken with the packaging when i first saw it, sort of thought it was a cheap go and making a perfume bottle look expensive but still i thought its the smell that counts! I sprayed it on my wrist, had a smell, and immediatly felt like my nostrils had been violated! It was way too strong and way too heavy, also felt like it smelled a little bid old fashioned, like a grandma should be wearing it!

A little bit later on after visiting various makeup stands and having a little wander around i had another smell of my wrist to see if it was as bad as i remembered, i was pleasantly surprised it had died down a little bit to still a very heavy, but nice smell! I came to the conclusion that i had judged the perfume way too fast and also thought that the first time you spell a perfume that you dont know practically straight from the bottle, its going to be a tad overwhelming!

I would love to hear everybody elses thoughts on this perfume as it has appeared to have split people right down the middle! I must say now its my current favourite perfume and im already on to my second bottle :) According to Debenhams website, Kims perfume retails between £23 and £40, but i think i payed £30 for mine.

What are your thoughts?
Love, Hol xxx 

What's in my Mac palettes?

Being the nosey person that i am, the posts i love to read the most from other bloggers are the more personal ones like, whats in their bag, what's their vanity like, or jewellery collections etc. I always jump straight to posts certainly about Mac, but more so whats in their Mac collection! So i thought i would share with you what i currently have in my few Mac palettes...

When i first started buying Mac myself i decided to stick with more sensible eyeshadows i thought i would get use out of like neutrals, golds, blacks, greys (you get me!) Colours you usually need to create a good smokey eye! So firstly i give my neutrals and golds palette! :)

P.s Please excuse the tatty labels, i was in the middle of moving around and relabelling!

I suppose ill be a good neighbour and name them all eh!
Top L-R: Gesso, Filament, Retrospeck, Satin taupe, Mystery
Middle L-R: Shroom, Naked lunch, Woodwinked, Handwritten, Black tied
Bottom L-R: Nylon, All that glitters, Tempting, Embark, Carbon

My second eyeshadow palette ive just been filling up with various colours ive either just picked up and loved or been given as gifts!

Top L-R: Pink venus, Beauty marked, and the other two are both Knight divine!
Middle L-R: Goldmine, Green smoke, Club, Humid
Bottom L-R: Atlantic Blue, Freshwater

And last but not least the few Mac blushes that i have!

On the top i have Style and pinch o peach, and the bottom one is Melba!

My favourites change depending on what phase im going through but i would say the few i use religiously are Nylon,  (BEST highlighter ever) Mystery, (Great for brows!) Satin taupe, Naked lunch, and Shroom, those three are great if you're having a lazy day and just fancy a little wash of colour! Out of the blushes obviously Pinch o peach has been nearly run dry! But i have to say recently i've turned in to more of a peach blush person so its a tie between Style and Melba they are both gorgeous!

Whats you're favourtite Mac shadows and blushes?

Love, Hol xxx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

- NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencils

I am SO SO excited to be writing about these i have wanted them for so long! Ive been forever ebaying them and finding them not nessecarily expensive, but more than i wouldve liked to of payed for them because of them being sent from america. However, i was lucky enough to stumble across a certain website the other week called beautyjoint, they were selling off this babies in their sale for $2.99 which when converted to pounds was something like £1.92, at that point even paying a few pounds for the postage didnt seem like a big issue and ended up buying about 8 of them!

L to R: Milk, Lime, Yogurt, Blackbean, Pots and pans, Iced mocha, Cottage cheese, Slate

They really do have brilliant colour pay off and glide on your skin wonderfully without tugging at all! I am a huge Mac fan but in my opinion i just cannot even compare them to the Mac shadesticks, they are such brilliant value for money. I'm just thinking back to how excited i was to get the sharkskin from Mac and being slightly annoyed at having to warm the product up a bit before it going on to your skin smoothly, this just isnt a concern with the eyeshadow pencils!

L to R: Iced Mocha, Pots and pans, Cottage cheese, Yogurt, Lime, Slate, Blackbean, Milk

The one fault i have say is they creased super easily on my eyelids, i didnt actually use a primer when i put it on because i was way too excited to try it out, but in future ill be definetely using one! Still, for the price and everything else theyre just amazing value!


Love, Hol xxx
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