Friday, 14 October 2011

Things i ♥ : Dior Addict ultra gloss

Im going to start a series of posts where every now and again ill do a post on my favourite products or things i really enjoy using/use frequently. To start it off ive picked my favourite Lipglosses which are by Dior, "Dior Addict ultra gloss" I have a baby pink colour (Cashmere Pink) and a bright red (Little Red Dress) It doesnt take a lot of product to show up on your lips, the red is amazing. Usually i find that Glosses arent true to their colour, they either just go on clear or a very sheer version of what they look in the tube. I absoloutly adore Little Red Dress, it even looks lovely if you put a little bit of it over some red lipstick. Cashmere pink is more of a sheer colour, a lovely everyday gloss with a little bit of glamour added due to the immense sparkle that it has, and me loving all things sparkly/shiny/glittery, its a total win, i even think the packaging is beautiful! Ill definetely replace these glosses when theyre finished, and will probably ask for some more colours for christmas or just pick them up myself, Im a little confused about the whole "pearl" and "flash" labelling, i mean its probably to do with the finishes of the gloss but i cant see any difference between the glosses apart from the red being alot more opaque but meh, still love them :D

Top: #267 Cashmere Pink (Pearl)
Bottom: #856 Little Red Dress (Flash)

SO gorgeous when it catches the light!

If youre a lipgloss girl and your looking for a new go to lipgloss, try out these!

Love, Hol xxx


  1. Oh my gosh! How pigmented is that red?!? xxx

  2. Amy its seriously gorgeous!! so shiny!! It goes straight on to your lips red too! and over a red lipstick its AMAZING!

  3. ohh i've always wanted to try these but never have! both of those colors look so lovely! thanks for sharing :)


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