Sunday, 9 October 2011

- 5 Things about Holly!

  1. MAKEUP! I have always loved it! I remember my good old mother Melanie bought me my first Mac eyeshadow when i was 13..not that i wore a ton of makeup back then, rarely and maybe only a lick of mascara if i did! It was the lovely pink lustre eyeshadow quite fittingly named Pink Venus! It wasnt until discovering youtube beauty gurus back in 2008 that i really began to love it though, they have cost me so many pennies! But i havn't looked back since :)
  2. I bake! Well, when people say they like to bake, i probably bake a little bit more than the average person haha. Started out doing it as a hobby but its turned out to be quite a little business for me now! So expect to see many sweet treats being posted on here...
  3. Cats...i love my cats..and my little crazy spaniel Harry, but Tilly and Beau are my babies and always will be..Infact its my love of Cats and all makeup with a tiny speck of glitter in it that inspired my blog name!
  4. I wouldn't say i fit the description of your average beauty raving blogger, i can be messy, sleep in till ridiculous times..find it extremely difficult to not bite my having an odd xbox session, and im not afraid to leave the house without makeup on! (our skin needs a rest too!) But even after all the piles of mess in my room my vanity and makeup stays clean and organised!
  5. Taylor Swift! I love Taylor! I have to say she is the only musician ive ever loved enough to know all of her albums backwards and inside out!


  1. Hmm, I'm going to have to follow you just because you love cats...I'm not a cat person at all...:P Tilly and Beau are such cute names (can we be expecting to see their faces anytime soon?) x

  2. Hi Jenny! for sure! i just posted this picture of beau on facebook this morning, its genuinly looks like hes waving at me and everyone seems to love it so im sure it will be on here soon!


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