Saturday, 15 October 2011

ELF afterdark sale purchases!

I saw this 40% off sale advertised on facebook and knowing how cheap elf is anyway i just had to go wild and buy a few things! Just a little post to show you what i bought and what i think, did anybody else buy anything from this sale?! They do sales quite regularly at elf, so you should all go and try out their products if you havnt already!

I couldnt keep hands out of the bronzer :(

Warm bronzer

Blush and bronzer compact

Fushia Fusion

Tickled Pink

Berry Merry

Top - Bottom: bronzer from duo, blush from duo, warm bronzer, Berry merry, Tickled pink, Fushia fusion

All in all these blushes are very good, but! The only blush i did notice as being a bit crappy was tickled pink, it is a really nice pretty peachy pink, but i really had to rub my finger in it quite a bit to get some colour pay off on my arm, if youre in to your blushes being barely noticable or a bit more muted then i suppose this would be ok for you! As i said, the rest of them are good for their money, the colour is decent, and personally i think the warm bronzer is beautiful! I will definetely be getting some use out of these. I have only become more of a blush person recently, and if youre shopping on a budget then these are perfect to fill some gaps in your collection!

Top - bottom: Lipstain in Bombshell, Eyelid primer, Tone correcting concealer in Ivory

Top - Bottom: Primer, Lip stain, Concealer

I am yet to try out the primer and concealer, unfortunately the colour of the lip stain wasnt really how it looked on the internet so i probably wont be using it, the dangers of using online eh! Well ill give it a go, but i dont really think its my colour, not really in to browns/golds on my lips you see!

Last but not least got a few brushes to try out!

Did anybody else take advantage of the elf sale?!
Love, Hol xxx


  1. What a great haul :) you got lots of great elf products! Fuchsia Fusion looks like a gorgeous blush xx

  2. I think you may have a dud of Tickled Pink; mine's ridiculously pigmented :P great purchases x

  3. really!? i was so dissapointed! The rest of them swatched really well but i had to rub my finger in it loads to get a good idea of what the colour was! i still love it, ill just wear it as a more subtle colour :D

  4. Oooo I need to check out these products, they all look so pretty especially all of the blushers! xx

  5. I missed out on the sale this time. That said I think they are so reasonable anyway and I hope to get a few nice stocking fillers in the near future. Bombshell is a gorgeous colour, but I like brown shades on my lips

  6. Wow you did go wild haha! Love the bronzer and Merry Berry was it? xx

  7. merry berry/berry merry one or the other :D


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