Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What's in my Mac palettes?

Being the nosey person that i am, the posts i love to read the most from other bloggers are the more personal ones like, whats in their bag, what's their vanity like, or jewellery collections etc. I always jump straight to posts certainly about Mac, but more so whats in their Mac collection! So i thought i would share with you what i currently have in my few Mac palettes...

When i first started buying Mac myself i decided to stick with more sensible eyeshadows i thought i would get use out of like neutrals, golds, blacks, greys (you get me!) Colours you usually need to create a good smokey eye! So firstly i give my neutrals and golds palette! :)

P.s Please excuse the tatty labels, i was in the middle of moving around and relabelling!

I suppose ill be a good neighbour and name them all eh!
Top L-R: Gesso, Filament, Retrospeck, Satin taupe, Mystery
Middle L-R: Shroom, Naked lunch, Woodwinked, Handwritten, Black tied
Bottom L-R: Nylon, All that glitters, Tempting, Embark, Carbon

My second eyeshadow palette ive just been filling up with various colours ive either just picked up and loved or been given as gifts!

Top L-R: Pink venus, Beauty marked, and the other two are both Knight divine!
Middle L-R: Goldmine, Green smoke, Club, Humid
Bottom L-R: Atlantic Blue, Freshwater

And last but not least the few Mac blushes that i have!

On the top i have Style and pinch o peach, and the bottom one is Melba!

My favourites change depending on what phase im going through but i would say the few i use religiously are Nylon,  (BEST highlighter ever) Mystery, (Great for brows!) Satin taupe, Naked lunch, and Shroom, those three are great if you're having a lazy day and just fancy a little wash of colour! Out of the blushes obviously Pinch o peach has been nearly run dry! But i have to say recently i've turned in to more of a peach blush person so its a tie between Style and Melba they are both gorgeous!

Whats you're favourtite Mac shadows and blushes?

Love, Hol xxx


  1. So jealous of your MAC palettes, all of the colours are gorgeous! I need to add Nylon, Woodwinked and Tempting to my collection asap! I'm so nosey so I love these posts too xxx

  2. I love your blog and your neutral Mac palette is to die for! I've already written down the shades I like the look of from it. I've got a Mac palette too, but have still got 6 spaces to fill so this have given me some good ideas- you just can't go wrong with a smoky eye!! xxx

  3. Mac has so many good shades for a smokey eye too! I was going to swatch these because if im buying online i like to see a good swatch because they look so different online, i didnt know if people would be that interested but i might do in future! I have to say Satin taupe and Naked lunch are must haves! As is Nylon! xxx

  4. So jealous. Wish I had to money to get start a mac palette. We have a lady from MAC coming in to college soon and I think we're getting discount cards so I will be definitely getting some of the shadows you've picked :)

  5. I wish i had the money to have it all! Its taken me a long time to get all these! :)


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