Sunday, 9 October 2011

- NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencils

I am SO SO excited to be writing about these i have wanted them for so long! Ive been forever ebaying them and finding them not nessecarily expensive, but more than i wouldve liked to of payed for them because of them being sent from america. However, i was lucky enough to stumble across a certain website the other week called beautyjoint, they were selling off this babies in their sale for $2.99 which when converted to pounds was something like £1.92, at that point even paying a few pounds for the postage didnt seem like a big issue and ended up buying about 8 of them!

L to R: Milk, Lime, Yogurt, Blackbean, Pots and pans, Iced mocha, Cottage cheese, Slate

They really do have brilliant colour pay off and glide on your skin wonderfully without tugging at all! I am a huge Mac fan but in my opinion i just cannot even compare them to the Mac shadesticks, they are such brilliant value for money. I'm just thinking back to how excited i was to get the sharkskin from Mac and being slightly annoyed at having to warm the product up a bit before it going on to your skin smoothly, this just isnt a concern with the eyeshadow pencils!

L to R: Iced Mocha, Pots and pans, Cottage cheese, Yogurt, Lime, Slate, Blackbean, Milk

The one fault i have say is they creased super easily on my eyelids, i didnt actually use a primer when i put it on because i was way too excited to try it out, but in future ill be definetely using one! Still, for the price and everything else theyre just amazing value!


Love, Hol xxx


  1. oh i always hear such good things about these but have never tried them myself! i need to keep a list of nyx products to pick up because it seems like i can never remember what people suggest!

  2. These really are a must have for the price! Certainly the price i got them for too! Just ordered some more nyx, few more of these and some lip products :)


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