Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kim Kardashians perfume..Love it or hate it??

A few weeks ago i was at the metro center with my mam and stepdad in debenhams when i came across a Kim K perfume stand. Being a huge Keeping up with the Kardashians fan and a massive lover of Kim (she is so gorgeous!) naturally, i was dying to try it out. For some reason i never expect celebrity perfumes to be too amazing because i think theyre made mainly for profit rather than for making an actual nice perfume! Having said that Hilary Duffs perfume was actually my favourite perfume ever, it was usually only £15 a bottle in superdrug and everyone used to ask me what i was wearing because it smelled so good, for some reason it never seems to smell as nice anymore, they might have changed the formula slightly or something.

Yay for reflections and chipped nail varnish...

Kims states her perfume contains: Mandarin, Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Pink Jasmine, Tuberose, Gardenia, Tonka Bean, Jacaranda Wood, Vanilla Orchid, and Sandalwood.

I wasnt particularly taken with the packaging when i first saw it, sort of thought it was a cheap go and making a perfume bottle look expensive but still i thought its the smell that counts! I sprayed it on my wrist, had a smell, and immediatly felt like my nostrils had been violated! It was way too strong and way too heavy, also felt like it smelled a little bid old fashioned, like a grandma should be wearing it!

A little bit later on after visiting various makeup stands and having a little wander around i had another smell of my wrist to see if it was as bad as i remembered, i was pleasantly surprised it had died down a little bit to still a very heavy, but nice smell! I came to the conclusion that i had judged the perfume way too fast and also thought that the first time you spell a perfume that you dont know practically straight from the bottle, its going to be a tad overwhelming!

I would love to hear everybody elses thoughts on this perfume as it has appeared to have split people right down the middle! I must say now its my current favourite perfume and im already on to my second bottle :) According to Debenhams website, Kims perfume retails between £23 and £40, but i think i payed £30 for mine.

What are your thoughts?
Love, Hol xxx 


  1. your blogs really good and id love to try out the kim k perfume... where abouts in the north are you from? i live in Hartlepool check out my blog :) www.beckysbeautique.blogspot.com


  2. i just recently got her perfume and I like it so far!


  3. Im from Carlisle! Very very north! :)


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