Sunday, 16 October 2011


I think i made a twitter to commicate more easily with other bloggers one or two days after i began posting on this blog. I had just began tweeting and was regularly checking my twitter every now and again and sending out the occasional tweet or link to my blog, came back an hour or so later again to find out my account had been SUSPENDED. Suspended! I have another account that i use as a personal twitter to follow my real life freinds and celebritys, i dont use it a whole lot but i have never had a problem with it before! Apparently you can appeal if you have had your account suspended but i had read on the internet somewhere that most suspended accounts dont get reactivated. I filed a "ticket" on twitter to get this checked over and its status has apparently been "in progress" for a good 5 or 6 days now. I never even got an email to tell me why my account was suspended, just some annoying automated one that replied to the ticket i had filed. The thing that annoys me the most about this all is that twitter is a massive worldwide thing now and you think that they would have people on hand at all hours of the day to sort this kind of thing out! I understand that there is some people who will be abusing twitter but its such a nuisance having to wait for them to get off their backsides and reply to the 3 tickets ive filed now! Today i gave up hope and made a new twitter, annoyingly ive had to make an alteration to my name because obviously you cant use the same name as somebody else!

Can anybody please give me any insight in to anything they might know about suspended accounts on twitter or if they have had any experience with them?! Ive tried to close my old account so i can have my name back, but because its suspended i cant, and what if they dont give me it back! I can just never have my username back?! GRR. I am still so mad haha.

What im really writing about at the end of all this is to ask all you lovely people to take two minutes out and follow me here. It would mean the world to me and i apologize if you followed my last account, and if this one goes down the pan too i can safely say i wont be using twitter again!

Rant over!
Love, Hol xxx


  1. Do you have any people that don't like you that know about your twitter? I've had people like that report my account.


  2. That is annoying how they didn't tell you why or help you re-activate. I'm following you on twitter now :) x

  3. well i had literaly just got twitter and i only had 12 followers only one of which i know in real life and the rest beauty bloggers, i highly doubt amy would report my twitter haha and if anyone else did that would be a bit mean, but apart from that i dont know :/ i have another personal twitter to with loads of freinds from school etc so if anyone was going to report an account it probably wouldve been that one! :( so annoying i want my account back :((

  4. That's really annoying hun! I'm following your new twitter account now x x

  5. Thank you love ive followed you back again! What a pain in the bum :( xx


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