Sunday, 9 October 2011

- A little Mac haul..


Paint pot in 'bare study', No.44 Lash, Lipstick in 'Hue', Studio fix fluid in NC15
So there were one or two Mac products that i had wanted to try forever, which were the paint pots and the 'hue' lipstick. I also needed to pick up some more foundation as i had ran out and was using a Clinique one which was way too dark for me, and lastly, Tanya Burr recently posted an amazing makeup tutorial for halloween using these exact eyelashes, i thought they added so much to the look and finished it perfectly, so decided i was going to see what they looked like for halloween too.

For some reason i had also been under the illusion that Hue was a cremesheen lipstick from Mac and was really dissapointed and let down when i wondered why it was so sheer when i put it on! Silly me turns out it was a glaze, after grumping around for a minute or so i realised in the end that i quite liked the wash of colour it gave when you put it on!

Mac glaze lipstick in 'hue'

'Bare Study' paint pot, its so lovely and shimmery!


Swatches of Hue and Bare Study

I can't wait to see how the paint pot works as a base with eyeshadows over it and how it compares to the eye primers i have! In future i would also love to try out the 'Blackground' paintpot!

Love, Hol xxx

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