Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I'm back, and I chopped off all my hair!


After an extended break from blogging due to baking too many cakes and the weather being nice (The nice weather being very much in the past now!)I suddenly had an urge to just put something on here! On sunday my hairdresser came round to give me a much needed haircut as mine was literally an inch from touching my bum, and in a very last minute decision I just told her to cut it all off! Sadly I said goodbye to my Ombre dye (So much love for it and it will make a comeback in Winter!) and picked blonde with a little bit of root showing! I thought I would have some sort of meltdown chopping it all off, and have frequently been told by many that "they needed extensions for hair that long" but after waking up every morning in a pile of hair I decided enough was enough! I can say 100% that I regret nothing :)

What has everybody else decided to do with their hair for Summer? Or our version of Summer I should say?

Holly x


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! I am growing mine, other than a little trim of the ends I'm leaving it be! xx

  2. Wow...lovely style! The colour graduation is super pretty too!


  3. Aw you look so cute in this photo!


  4. Love it Hol! I want something new with my colour but struggling thinking of ideas. xx

  5. Welcome back! You look lovely with your shorter locks! Your eyes look gorgeous too xx

  6. Wow, beautiful hair and makeup! You look stunning!

    Karen @ Beauty Playlist

  7. postingan yang bagus tentang"I'm back, and I chopped off all my hair!"

  8. Love it! I like the curly effects on the end. I am also planning to cut off my hair and I think I want to curl the ends too =)

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