Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mac Blush in Style


Described as a "Coral-peach with gold pearl" (Frost finish) Style, is without a doubt my most favourite Blush of all time. It's silky to touch, blends beautifully and is easily buildable to acheive your desired look. Even though it's still only March, people seem to be more excited for Summer than ever, so if you want to embrace the summer season and warm weather already, Style can bring a lovely peachy golden glow to your cheeks.

If overdone this can look a bit orange, and if you're too tanned I also find this Blush gets a bit lost in your tan. I'm not the type of person to pile cheek products on so even a hint of this showing through a tan works wonderfully for me. If you're not swayed by my pictures and don't already own this, I highly recommend swatching this product!

Holly x


  1. this blush look amazingly gorgeous! this is on my list! thank you your swatches are amazing! :)


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