Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ebay nail polish rack

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So today I bring you my new acrylic nail polish stand! I've been dying for some sort of nail stand/rack but everyone I came across seemed ridiculously priced. This is from Ebay and cost me £10.99 including P+P, you can buy it here. I currently have 31 nail polishes sitting on this, a decent amount! I think I'll probably buy another along the way at some point, can't beat a nice polish display in your room!
I must say I have gone off Barry M nail varnishes so much now. I hate how they're still not properly dry and easily smudged after an hours wear, whereas OPI dries in like, 10 minutes! A bit of a pain really when they're so affordable and with such a wide range of colours!
Where do you keep your nail polish?
Holly x


  1. oh wow the rack looks cute! but there's no "fence" that prevents the nail polishes crumbling?? I just put all my nail polishes in a basket haha.

  2. LOVE this! There's something about acrylic storage which just looks so clean and tidy. Definitely not a bad price either :) xx

  3. I love this! It's great to see the colours out on display when you want to choose one. I'm watching it on ebay for when some of my stuff sells and money is in my paypal :) xo

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