Thursday, 9 February 2012

Project Perfect - Get involved!

Yesterday, Amy from Flaws and all was talking to me about a little something she had up her sleeve called Project Perfect, basically, a blog post/Youtube video about ourselves stating/doing the following things.

1. Post a photo that you like of yourself and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.

2. State some things that you DON'T like yourself but say why others may love to be like that.

3. State 3 things that you DO like about yourself.
There is way too much negativity surrounding body image lately, wether it's your own personal issues with yourself, or mean things other people have said to you, I think this post is a great way to get involved in helping to combat this problem. Wether you are shy, or you're just worried about coming across as being vain/arrogant, now is the time to not give a crap and to say EXACTLY what you love about yourself! It isn't a crime to be happy with what you have and to speak up about it, and it is SUCH a crime to be a victim of bullys or having worries about not being thin enough, having a certain shaped face, anything!
 Us girls need to all stick together and support others who may not be as confident. Being 20 years old now, I've come to terms with how I look, however I'm not saying there aren't things I over analyse and sometimes really dislike, I wouldn't change anything if I could though :) Too many people would look on at somebody for saying "Oh I really like this photo of myself, I look really nice." THIS IS NOTHING TO NOT SAY/BE ASHAMED OF. Whats wrong with loving yourself for who you are? :) Here is my take on Project Perfect :)

1. A photo of myself that I like.

I thought I would take a photo for this post especially. I really don't mind having my photo taken at any time, but I feel most confident when I have my tan on, lots of makeup on, and my hair done. (It's what I'm most likely to change my facebook photo too, hehe!) So I thought I would take one randomly through the day, when I have no tan, minimal makeup, and unstyled hair! I like this photo simply because I'm happy for it to be such a close up photo with not much makeup on etc, and still be happy with it :)

    Three things that I don't like about myself, with a positive twist!

    1. I really don't like my nose! It's probably not something others would notice unless I point it out but I think it's wonky! haha. I always wonder what I would look like with "so and so's" nose, but if I changed that, my face would look completely different! And I'm happy with how I look on the whole :)
    2. My skin irritates me! It's always really dry, and I NEVER TAN. I just don't tan, ever! I know some people would love for pale skin, and it's saved me from doing any damage on the sunbeds, so thank you skin!
    3. My eyebrows! They grow completely differently and are such an annoying shape. I started filling in my eyebrows and reshaping them myself, and now I get lots of compliments on them!

    Three things that I do like about myself!

    1. My eyelashes/eyes I never realised they were so long until I started wearing makeup and everybody said they wanted them! As for my eyes, I always used to want brown eyes like my mam, but I decided I liked them alot more with my pale skin :)
    2. I really like my hair, I always wanted to have really, long, thick, wavy hair, so I grew it for about two years, and now I have just that :)
    3. My body! Well, I always think I want to go to the gym to lose a few pounds but I think I would miss having boobs and a bum! I think they would be the first to go... :(
    So there you have it! There is nothing wrong with having a wobble every now and again, we are just human after all, and there will always be a pressure coming from somewhere, wether it be the media, feeling like you have to look a certain way for some boy, or whatever you worry about! At the end of the day if you can pick out things you dislike but then still say you wouldn't change a thing, that's happiness! Nobody's perfect and everybody's different, so lets support and help eachother out from now on!

    If you let Amy know you have joined in with this blog post, she will post your link on the page on her blog which is dedicated to "Project Perfect!"

    Holly x


      1. I have so much eyebrow jealousy right now Holly!! xxx

        1. Aww don't have!! You have nice eyebrows! x

      2. I love this post :) definitely going to have to do it myself.
        You are so gorgeous! xx

        1. Thank you that is so kind :) Yes do! It would be so nice to see everyone joining in x

      3. Thank you so much Holly! I also have massive eye brow envy hahaha xxx

        1. You're so welcome Amy! Happy to help xxxx

      4. This is such an inspirational post, and the colour of your eyes is beautiful! xx

        1. Thank you :) I really hope it's helping to make other people feel better about themselves x

      5. I love this project it's so right we should all be proud of our good points and not be afraid to say them! You are a stunner love your eyes such a gorgeous colour! Glad you're happy with your figure too, that's such a big thing with girls at this time it seems!


        1. I know! I could look in the mirror and twine all day about things I think are too flabby or I want to change but I've realised it's so much better to be happy about what you have the what parts of yourself you like the most!



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