Tuesday, 24 April 2012

99p Ebay nail dotting tools

Price: 99p
Availability: Look out for them on Ebay!

Can you believe I got 5 different sized dotting tools for 99p? I can't! It's not even as if they feel cheap and flimsy either, they feel like decent quality! If you're big in to nail videos on Youtube you will see these floating around alot. Most Youtubers claim you can make your own home made versions of these with a tooth pick! Let me tell you, I've tried and to be honest, it just doesn't work the same as these do.

I had a super quick play around with these and they're easy to use, but I think it will take  practise and a steady hand to keep your little designs neat. They're absolutely PERFECT for polka dot nails though! My mustaches were sort of a fail, but my polka dots turned out lovely!

I can't wait to try out more designs with these!

Holly x 


  1. That's soo cheap! And look cute as well! Definitely cannot get the same design with a toothpick! x

  2. My mum uses these for crafting and cardmaking, such a good idea though!


  3. SO cheap, and definitely much neater than my attempts with a hairpin!
    Maddy x

  4. Wow, must look out for those!

    Nic x


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