Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mac Morange Lipstick

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Price: £13.50
Availibility: Mac website

Morange is a gorgeous bright, orange, amplified finish lipstick, which can appear a little terrifying as it is so bright in the tube! Convinced I didn't suit this, it has been left neglected in my little lipstick box for months now. I was inspired to give bright lipsticks another go with Summer coming up, and because the ever so lovely Amy from Flawsandall payed me a visit the other day, and was rocking a lovely bright lip! (Girl about town).

Obviously accompanied by that familiar, sweet vanilla scent that Mac lipsticks always have, Morange being an amplified finish is again a winner, as it applies with ease and without tugging, whilst also not being drying one little bit! Did I mention it lasts a long time too?

Now I'm not one to really have my head round this whole warm/cool skintone business 100%, and I didn't think Morange would be my skins cup of tea, but I was amazed to see how well it worked today with my pale skin and blue eyes! Let me tell you if you have blue eyes, try this out, I promise it will make your eyes twinkle!

Do you have Morange? I think it may be my Summer 2012 lipstick!

Hol x


  1. Woahhh bright... looks brill though! I have MAC Ravishing which is a toned down version of this! xx

  2. Very bright but you pull it off well.

  3. This looks gorgeous on you! It wouldn't be a lipstick I'd necessarily go out and buy but I think you may have changed my mind ;) X

  4. Wow what a gorgeous colour, I might have t invest in this one :-)

  5. I got this colour from MAC by participating in the Back 2 MAC program, so I got it free! Chose this colour because it's just simply gorgeous! Definitely a summer colour. Looks amazing on you!

  6. I sold my morange because it did not suit my Asian skintone but this looks amazing on you!

  7. This looks great on you! Bright lipsticks are my favourite for summer :)


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