Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mac studio fix fluid foundation

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Price: £19.50
Availibility: Mac website, concession stands in Debenhams, HOF etc.
Shade used in pictures: NC 15
Studio fix fluid is something I've used for a number of years now, around 3. It was the first Mac foundation I ever bought, and even though I have a love/hate relationship with it, I'll always turn to it in times of Foundation need!
If you've never used this before, the first thing you will notice upon unscrewing the lid and slapping it on your face is that bloody horrible smell. Trust me, it will repulse you a number of times before you get used to it, but in the end you'll barely notice it. For me, this is a very high coverage foundation, reducing the redness and appearance of spots and blemishes, whilst also covering up any redness on the skin (which I suffer from since I'm such a ghost). This won't be every persons cup of tea, as I turn to this when I feel like I need to mask everything on my face! On my skin, it sets to quite a matte, powdery finish, again, not everyones cup of tea, especially for dry skin sufferers.
This foundation to me can sometimes be quite hard work to apply, it's incredibly thick but I find its not as pleasant to spread around your face for five minutes every morning, I'll always favour how my Wake Me Up applies to the skin over this, but you really can't beat its coverage. Another annoyance is the lack of pump, this can easily be solved by spending £2/3 on a Foundation pump which are available at Mac, a must have for me as you have much more control over the amount.
I don't know wether it's just the fact that I'm too lazy to slave over finding another number 1 foundation, or that I'm too comfortable in spending no more than £20 on a foundation, but I honestly, find this is a little too yellow, don't favour the way it applies, nor  am I the biggest fan of its finish, but I've never come across another Foundation that covers as well and stays put for so long!
How do you feel about Mac foundations? Love/hate relationship?
Hol x


  1. I definitely have a love/hate with them. I love the way they make my face look when I use them but usually they feel heavy even if I apply sparingly and for some reason they make my skin break out =(

  2. I have this same foundation in the same colour. I love it. I've got several others that I also love but this is definitely my fall back foundation and I'd be totally lost without it. Maybe if you find it too yellow you've been using the wrong colour? I do agree about the overly thick formula though, it can make things pretty tricky. I use a buffing brush and the little pump to get the right amount and well spread. If youre looking for another good one, take a look at Estee Lauders Invisible Fluid, its light but still gives good coverage :) xx


  3. Oooo this has been on my wishlist for ages now but I've never got around to buying it.. might ask for a sample next time I'm in MAC! X


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