Friday, 20 April 2012

Everyday Makeup bag

My everyday Makeup bag.

Being a nosey woman, looking in my friends, or even just a total stranger on the internet's makeup bag is something I love to do! I mean, you can look at HUGE makeup collections on the internet, but what percentage of all that makeup do they actually use on a daily basis? Well my lovely girlies, I'm about to show you what I slap on my dish everyday! Some of them are even recent additions to my Makeup but I love them that much they've earned a spot in my little pink bag. There's nothing too much or fancy in here, just the minimum essentials!

Face: Rimmel Wake Me Up 100 Ivory,  Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC15, Mac Select Cover up NC20, Mac Studio Finish Concealer NC15.

Cheeks: Nars Laguna Bronzer, Elf Studio Blush Tickled Pink,

Eyes: Maxfactor Masterpiece Macara, Eyelash curlers, Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit Light.

Lips: Mac Lipstick Hue, Cherry Chapstick.

Extras: Rimmel Nail Rescue, Hair Bobble.

Thats is just about all I keep in a small Makeup bag on my Vanity, it's much easier to keep a few essential things in there rather than going through draw after draw of products! It's also great that you have it packed and ready to throw in your handbag if you want to go out somewhere.

What do you keep in your everyday Makeup bag?

Holly x


  1. I love looking through peoples make up bags too, seeing what they use every day is as good as any review because it tells you they value the product x

  2. Great Post!! I love reading these kinda posts. I have MAC's Hue in my makeup bag too, great for everyday xxx

  3. I love looking into what people carry around on a daily basis.


  4. I love these type of posts! Like your new header too :)

  5. i really want to try hue (have 6 back to mac's to exchange) but have heard you really need to layer it on, is this the case? enlighten me! P.S. I LOVEEEE your chalk hair, blue bits have always been an ambition of mine but im too wussy! xx

  6. I like to see what people carry in their make-up bag. x

  7. Hello! Found your blog on Beautylish! I have to say i do enjoy yuor blog. Its very nice & clean. HCeck me out if your up to it! See ya soon!

  8. Great post! Looking at the entire makeup collection can sometimes be overwhelming. It's always nice to see what people use everyday :)

    Karen @

  9. I like to see what people carry in their make-up bag. x

  10. Great post. I love being nosey and seeing what people carry with them. Is the Rimmel foundation good? thinking of buying but not read an excellent review on it so far.


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