Saturday, 5 November 2011

Nails Inc for £2?!

The lovely Amy at Flaws and all tweeted yesterday about Glamour magazine including a freebie - A Nails inc. varnish! Keeping in mind the magazine is £2... £2 for a nail varnish that usually costs £11?! What! Now if you're a nail varnish junkie then the chances are you've already rushed out to buy a copy, hell you've probably bought 4 copies of the magazine and receieved all 4 shades with them! If you havn't it's the perfect chance for you to nip out and grab yourself one of these if its something you've been wanting to try out without breaking the bank. Crazy to think that you can buy all four of the shades that the magazine offers for even £3 less than what it would cost you to buy ONE from the Nails inc. website! Personally i can't resist a bargain nail varnish for £2, even if i did have to look at Kstew's stroppy face on the front cover!



The shade i was automatically attracted to was "Basil Street". I am such a nude person when it comes to nail varnish and this is just another one of my perfect shades! I think nudes are those timeless sort of nail varnishes like blacks and reds which are acceptable to wear all year round for a clean cut finish to your nails. I hope all you lovely readers take advantage of this wonderful bargain and if you do get round to getting a copy of Glamour i would love to know what shade you all go for!

Love, Hol xxx


  1. must pick one of these up! do you know what other shades they had? thanks for posting about this, i would have missed out otherwise! <3

  2. Hi!
    If you visit this website here, she has a picture of the four shades you can choose from.

    :D xxx

  3. ahhh such a steal! love that color too :)

  4. omg i forgot about this magazine this month i am gonna pick it up soon xx

    my blog :



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