Friday, 4 November 2011

OPI nail varnishes - The Muppets collection!

After much debate of wether or not to go ahead and buy those expensive OPI nail varnishes, i gave in and went round the corner to a salon near my house that sells them and bought two! If youre wondering why i would happily spend an unholy amount at mac but then complain about OPI polishes, its because my nails arent the greatest nails in the world, so i usually stick to Barry M! They are something ive always wanted to try though, I cant resist all the gorgeous sparkly colours for much longer, so i bought these two! I had seen the Katy Perry collection on various youtube channels and blogs which first made me really want to try these out, i came away from my local salon with a two shades from The Muppets collection! Lovely!

Obviously, being a glitter addict, i was instantly attracted to these two colours! Im not much of a red/pink person, but the other sparkly ones from the muppet collection were in blue and green, and i rarely ever wear those colours on my nails if at all, so i stuck to something more red which i occasionally wear! Even though i dont wear much pink anyway, i was so curious to try out these OPI nail varnishes that are packed with glitter, that i HAD to pick one! AND how flipping gorgeous is the varnish on the right?! SO MUCH GLITTER AND SPARKLE AND SHINE!

 "excuse moi!"

    "Rainbow connection"

I tried this briefly, unlike the excuse moi! The glitter is in a clear varnish, so i would advise applying this over maybe  a silver nail varnish?! I think that would look pretty! But if your all about nude nails and a sprinkle of glitter, then this glitter varnish is your pick!

I can safely say OPI has really encouraged me to buckle down and look after my nails in the future so i can buy more of these gorgeous glitter based ones, my nails are so flimsy and snap and ive tried all sorts of treatments! But ill keep soldiering on!

Love, Hol xxx


  1. i usually don't love glitters but i have been lately and these look so nice for the holiday season!

  2. i love glitter i am glitter mad xx

    my blog :


  3. I hate glitter in general but lately I have been like a magpie with all the sparkly polishes. Rainbow connection is amazing :) x

  4. Its a pain to find a decent glitter polish that doesnt just scatter a few chunks randomly over your nails, and an even bigger pain to remove! But i just can't help myself :) Oh and it is so gorgeous! x


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