Tuesday, 1 November 2011

OOTN, Ombre hair, Halloween!

I feel like ive been busy lately! Baking baking and more baking! Also my mam took a week off work so i spent a bit of time with her going out for lunch and going for walks with the dog too. A few of my freinds came back from uni so we had a little night out, i FINALLY got round to getting my hair cut and coloured, and had a few drinks for halloween!

Since i had fairly hammered the blog posts the first week or two of blogging i decided to just give it a rest for a little while, i wanted people to have a couple of pages to read if they stumbled across my blog because i think i would be put off if i stumbled across a new blog with not much to read on it either, feel like ive got in to it enough now to do them more regularly and further apart! :)


First of all, i apologize that this isnt the best picture in the world for a good look at my dress, ill admit it never even went through my head that i shouldve taken a decent pitcure! I bought this dress online from the topshop sale, it was only £23 (which i think is a bargain from topshop) its a gorgeous colour, and fits me in all the right places! Theres nothing more than finding a lovely dress that makes you feel confident and good about yourself :)

Now this style of dress that nips in at the waist and has a floaty style skirt is perfect for those people who are conscious of any lumps and bumps they might have around their hip area (or as much as we hate to say it any VPL!!) I must say at the moment im in the middle of loosing a bit of unwanted fat around my stomach which seems to have accumulated i think from too many bottles of wine! So any bodycon for me is out at the moment! Sometimes i think its better to dress for your body type than to worry about fitting in to all the clothes from the latest trends. I kept accessories minimal, only using a waistbelt to draw attention to (thankfully) my thinner waist, rather than my belly which i hate at the moment, and paired it with my black shoe boots from miss guided, which i think were £30.
 For a more polished look i would probably scrape all my hair in to a bun on the very top of my head, and maybe found some very glitzy studs instead of the pearls i was wearing, but i prefered to keep it relaxed with some loose curls. :)

Haloween + Ombre hair!

Again, i have seriously been so busy lately, and never had a chance to snap my new hair when i first had it done! Luckily, you can see it very well in this picture aswell as seeing my crazy little diy halloween outfit which i thought i would share with you all. Ideally i would like the dye to grow out a little more first, dont get me wrong i am in love with it but the blonde is still a little high up!

And lastly, a picture of my eye makeup. I packed on so much black eyeshadow, glitter, and eyeliner on to my lid! I added a couple of gems along the bottom of my eyes to give it a little something extra, and stuck on the Sarah Harding festival lashes. I LOVE these lashes, you cant really see in this picture but they have flecks of red through them, i cant tell you how much i wish they were just plain black because i think they add the right amount of volume to your own lashes without over dramatising them!

Well this post was just a little something different from the usual makeup posts, i would really love to do more outfits of the day/night in future, i just hope i havnt had one too many to get a decent picture of my outfit before i go out! There is always literally no where decent in my house to take a full body length picture where it wont be too distracting. I hope everyone has had a pleasant few weeks and a happy halloween! I'll be back now with more blog posts in the near future!

Love, Hol xxx


  1. I was perving over that orange dress when you put it on facebook last week, it's gorgeous! I did my ombre again 2 weeks ago so it's nice to other people are going lighter for winter too ;) However I am so jealous of your hair, it looks so healthy and it's SO long! xxx
    ps. where do you get your brows done? they are ace!

  2. Its my new favourite dress! ohh did you?! has it gone much lighter?! mine always seems to come up much darker in photos its actually a lot lighter in real life, my hair seems to have good and bad days, that herbal essences shampoo really sorted it out after a few washes! However since getting the blonde at the ends its a bit straw like! I just do them myself! I really should go get them done properly, i have one good one and one bad one haha, i dont mind plucking and trimming and penciling them myself, but i really want the shape of one of them sorted out! :D You going any lighter with the ombre?! :D

  3. i love your hair xxx u r so pretty xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/



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