Sunday, 13 November 2011

Rainbow connection accent nail

I've been looking for any excuse to wear Rainbow Connection ever since i got it the other week, and just today as i was admiring my Nails Inc. Bastil street varnish when i thought i could maybe just do an accent nail on my ring finger! Partly because I'm getting my nails done on thursday and removing a lot of glitter polish is a pain (Even though i have a simple but sort of time consuming way to do it, which i might be posting about soon!) and because i always regret putting way too much glitter and way too many gems on my nails when i already have on a polish i really like in the first place! I wasn't so sure that Basil street would look so good with Rainbow Connection but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! Simple but with a little something something!


The great thing about this glitter polish is it doesn't feel gritty at all on my nails, and when you look at your nail from the side its completely smooth, no lumps and bumps, i did put over a Barry M top coat that i have just to protect it and to try and even it out, but you wouldnt even think you had glitter on your nails if you ran your finger over it! I'm such a fan of glitzy sparkly nails but i cannot for the life of me stand taking off glitter polish so i avoid it most of the time!
Love, Hol xxx

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