Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Simple icey blue winter nails :)

Instead of going for the more traditionally festive colours like plums, reds, deep greens etc. I opted for more of an icey blue colour, "blue moon" by Barry M to be precise. Since i never want to give removing glitter polish the time of day i simply added a few coats of Macs "unconditionally fabulous" to my ring finger to give it a little something extra. Unfortunatly i think this combo would seem more wintery if it had snowed (which it had this time last year!) as i think of snow and ice when i look at my nails with these varnishes on. Mabey if we all painted out nails snowy themed someone up there would hear us and give us the snow we want! I know it can be a nuisance sometimes but sledging and playing in it for an hour or two until you freeze is fun! :)


If you're thinking about buying this Barry M polish, be prepared to pile on quite a few coats, the first coat is pointless and terrible, the second is better but you can still see parts of your nail, the third coat onwards is much better. The Mac polish is just what you would expect from a glitter based varnish!

What are your favourite holiday looks? :)
Love, Hol xxx


  1. Pretty :) looks like a little icicle on your nail :) xx

  2. Reminds me of snowflakes! :)

  3. I love this Barry M colour! Not seen this before :) and that mac glitter is lush! Great wintery look :)



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