Monday, 16 January 2012

Keepin' it Simple (skincare)

Now, I don't know about you ladies but skincare is just something I've never been willing to splurge on. I've never had any extremely bad skin problems. If anything, my skin always seems to be very dry and dehydrated but thats nothing a good moisturiser can't solve. Since joining the blogging world I've seen how crazy some bloggers are about their skincare products (E.g Liz earle) but it just never interests me or grabs my attention. I'm sure people who have really oily skin, or have had bad breakouts during their teen years etc. will appreciate these products a little more than I do.

Having extremely pale skin, it's a little bit unfortunate than any mark, redness, or blemish shows up ten times worse than it would on skin which was a little darker, and theres no way I'll ever be able to alter my skintone (Deffo not going an MJ!), so I've just grown to accept the fact that my skin is never going to look perfectly even. I don't know, maybe I should have more faith in skincare products, but it does kind of irritate me that even when my skin is perfectly clear and spot free, I think that with no makeup on my skin still doesn't look nice!

So, unless anybody can point me in the direction of a product that will even out your skin tone (and do a bloody good job of it at that!) then I'm going to stick to my cheap and cheerful skincare products which are...Simple! At £3 a product in Asda they aren't going to break the bank and they've been extremely kind to my skin (Unlike one of the products from Clinique 3 step that literally melted my face, bet it would totes make a great nail varnish remover). Instead of stressing over my uneven skintone and whinging on about not having the worlds most perfect skin, I'm just going to aim to keep my skin happy, clean, and hydrated. About my uneven skintone - that's what makeups for!

Even though I'm never going to be one to splash my cash on skincare, I'm becoming progessively more interested in it as I read other peoples blogs about it! So I'm asking you, what skincare products could you not live without? Which ones do you hate? Are you a skincare snob or are you cheap and cheerful?!

Love, Hol xxx


  1. Funny you should say the Clinique stuff melts your face; the Simple 'Kind to Skin' range burns mine! Haha, I use a combination of Good Things and Naked products and they really are lovely products x

    1. haha, oh my god thats mad! Suppose everybodys skin is different! That clinique stuff smells terrible too!! x

  2. i always bypass this on the shelves maybe i wont next time xx


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  3. I use the 3 exact same products as you for my skincare routine and feel they work great with each other! I love them and they're so cheap! BUT I am tempted by some Liz Earle products (cleanse and polish anyone?), if only I weren't a poor student! x

  4. I've been using those exact products for a couple of years now, although I have tried the cleansing facial wash, anti-blemish moisturiser, the roll-on spot zapper as well. Love them, they're so good for the skin because they're free of anything that could harm it! It's always good to keep things Simple ;) x


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