Thursday, 26 January 2012

Clynol curl bounce fluid


I'm very rarely seen with straight hair, infact, I dont think my straighteners have been on for a number of months now (maybe even a year or 2!) I'm forever using a curling wand/curl stick to acheive more volume througout my hair. Once again my problem with my long hair is that my curls drop very easily and as my hair is so heavy it can really flatten down on my head and around my face. So the next product in my journey to find something to tame my long, thick hair is....Clynol curl bounce fluid! Clynol is'nt a brand I had ever heard of until before recently, so I didn't really know what to expect.



First Impressions: First of all I like the bottle a whole lot more than the schwarzkopf one, but I'm not sure that if I was browsing for some hair products that I would be drawn to this or if I would buy it. It looks a little but more sophisticated that most other hair product packaging, and comes with a pump on the top for easy application.

Initial thoughts on the product: First thoughts on the product itself and the smell is that it seems to have a similar consistency to conditioner ( That's the only way I can describe it!) and I really, really like the smell! It's sort of zesty in a way, and I think of holidays when I smell it, but I just cant put my finger on what it's similar to! It's not really stick at all and I found it really easy to control the amount of product I wanted to put on to my hands and through my hair.

How it works for me: Like the Schwarzkopf product, It instructs you to work through damp hair before drying, or you can apply to dry hair to refresh your curls. After application and blowdrying, I found that it has a similar affect to when you hairspray your hair first and then curl your hair (If you know what I mean) As for applying to damp hair, I thought to myself, "Isn't this going to make my hair really greasy?!" And actually it's not that bad! I applied it to uncurled dry hair as I didn't want to risk it turning my curls greasy, and I can't describe what your hair feels like but it seems to make it more...pliable?! I can see how you could get some really nice messy effects from this product, so stay tuned! The great thing about this product is that is seems like it has multiple functions :)

This is something I'm definetely going to experiment with, it could just turn out to be a product I can't live without! What are your favourite hair products for creating certain styles?!

Love, Hol xxx

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. This has not affected my opinion! :)

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