Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Brilliant blogs to follow #1

I've decided every now and again I'm going to do a post on 3 blogs I've came across that I really like. I've seen this done on other blogs (leanne-marie!) and I've found some blogs I now read religiously from those. It's a great way to support other bloggers and help to uncover some hidden gems! Why not share the love?!

1. amisinwonderland - LOVE this girls style!

2. cherry-myth -  Hauls, reviews, OOTD'S, great little blog.

3. brightandbeauty-ful - Simple. This blog DESERVES more love!

Hope you take the time to check out these lovely little blogs, can't wait to discover some more brilliant bloggers out there!

Love, Hol xxx


  1. Thanks for these :) i'm always looking for new blogs to follow! xx

  2. I should really move my followers box to somewhere more convenient like yours shouldn't I? Haha, thanks hun! xxxx

  3. OOOOOO going to check them out!

  4. Off to check them out now! I'm in need of some new blogs to follow xx

  5. amazing - i love finding new blogs

  6. Thanks for this. I always love discovering new blogs!! xxx



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